Red Brook Sledding Hill


Proposals will be received by Brett Bellas of Ashtabula County Metroparks, (mailing address) 25 W Jefferson St., Jefferson, Ohio, 44047 until 10am local time on March 23rd, 2018. In-person delivery may be made to the Park Office at 91 N. Chestnut Street Jefferson, Ohio, M-F 8:30am to 12:00pm prior to due date.

All proposals shall be received in sealed envelopes and clearly marked with the project title, Red Brook Sledding Hill and contain the full name of the submitting Contractor.  All proposals shall include the proposal form, copy of workers comp, W-9, OPERS Independent Contractors form, and proof of insurance up to $1,000,000. (if any forms are not submitted in the sealed envelope, it will disqualify quotes) To schedule a site visit, you can reach Brett Bellas at 440-576-0717(office) 440-536-1502 (cell) or e-mail questions to


The Metroparks will be taking quotes from contractors to re-grade the hill behind the commercial buildings at 4338 Lake Rd. West in Saybrook Township. The site is a former golf course that will be converted into a Metropark with a sledding hill. The area is marked out with wooden slats that give estimated footages of the two hills to be constructed. The overgrown area behind the restaurant will be known as the “Little Hill” and the area to the east of that will be the “Big Hill”. The work area will need to be cleared and reshaped into a gradual sledding hill on the little side; the big hill will be graded out with a secondary hill in the middle of it. The entire area will need to be shaped to enable mowing equipment to be driven across to maintain it. After the area is shaped everything must either be hydroseeded. or seeded and strawed.


Specific Projects: 

  • Clear and dispose of the small trees on the hill
  • Re-shape the “Little Hill” into a gradual sledding hill
  • Re-shape the “Big Hill” to a gradual slope with a secondary hill starting roughly 80’ from the top.
  • Feather out both hills into the bottom area.
  • Seed and straw or hydroseeding of the work area is to be done after the hill is graded out and work approved by the Operations Manager
  • Ingress and Egress of equipment will be off Stowe Rd.
  • Contractor is responsible for calling underground utilities for the construction site.


All quotes must be valid for 60 days from submittal and must be accompanied by proof of Ohio BWC coverage and a minimum $1,000,000.00 insurance policy. The Board of Ashtabula Metroparks reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

The Board reserves the right to accept separate Proposals on various items or work, or to accept any combination of Proposals, in whole or in part. The Board will award the Contract based on the lowest, best and local proposal. Ashtabula Metroparks may reject any or all proposals on any basis and without disclosure of a reason or to waive any informalities or irregularities in the Proposals received. The failure to make such a disclosure shall not result in accrual of any right, claim, or cause of action by any unsuccessful bidder against Ashtabula Metroparks.


 Proposal Form: Red Brook sledding hill RFP -Fin23

W9:  W9 Form